16 March 2017 @ 10.00am – 5 November 2017 @ 5.00pm
Print Room, Ground Floor, Castletown House
Celbridge, Co. Kildare

Art of the Miniature

16th March to 5th November

Print Room, Ground Floor

Admission to the exhibition is included in your ticket to the house.

A remarkably generous donation of eighteenth-century miniatures to the Irish Georgian Society from an anonymous Irish benefactor is now on view during your tour of the house. Miniatures are small portraits in enamel or on ivory and were often painted as keepsakes or as memorials – a medium not represented in the collections at Castletown to date and consequently all the more special.

The miniature loan at Castletown focuses on two of the most powerful families in Irish history – the Boyles, Earls of Shannon, and the FitzGeralds of Carton, the neighbouring demesne to Castletown. The Shannon collection includes miniature portraits of the many leading members of the family in the eighteenth century. Perhaps the highlight of the FitzGerald collection is an oversized miniature of Lord Edward FitzGerald by Horace Hone. Castletown, home to his aunt Lady Louisa Conolly, is of course a most appropriate home for this particularly fine example of the miniaturist’s art.


The Boyle Collection display case in the Print Room. Art of the Miniature Exhibition at Castletown House. OPW.